Build Your Courage Muscle with Stacey Shipman

Stacey Shipman is the creator of Engage the Room. She helps people who want to be better connectors figure out how to shed their old beliefs and build meaningful connections. I enjoyed this interview because she wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable and dive deep into her struggles and how Covid-19 forced her to find a new direction in her business.

You’ll learn about how you can shed your fears and build a business that you love. It’s important to understand what you do well and how it solves other people’s problems. This is such an important part of a business that many people don’t really dig into before they start.


  • How Stacey started her entrepreneurial journey.
  • The heart of business is creating connections.
  • How leaning into her fears helped her grow her business.
  • How to challenge the status quo.
  • Becoming more creative and how it forced her to break through her uncomfortability.
  • You have to be in enough pain to make changes.
  • How Yoga, meditation and journaling has made a big impact on her journey.
  • Coming back to our vision for our lives.
  • Tapping into our curiosity to help us find creative solutions.
  • Understanding that our emotions can help us make choices.
  • Rebranding was scary, but necessary to grow her business.
  • Not being afraid of the judgements of other people.
  • Looking for problems to solve.
  • Toastmasters was her entry point to mastering her fear of public speaking.
  • When you step into what you are afraid of you build your courage muscle.
  • Working with your inner voice to help you build courage.
  • There is always an evolution in our careers.
  • Not every idea needs to make money.
  • Creating a business is such a rewarding journey.
  • When we try to become something we are not, there is a huge amount of resistance.
  • How to connect with people that you admire.

You can learn more about Stacey over on his website, Engage the Room, and her podcast.

And as always if you have any questions or want to submit a guest for the podcast that you think would be amazing just reach out and I’ll do my best to get them on.

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