30 Seconds of Laughing and a Few Minutes of Learning

Finding a way to make your career fit your emotional needs is probably the most important advice that you should apply to your working life. Check out how Tina Su quit her job. She is making a go of full time blogging. Making her dreams come true came with hard work, but now she has an excellent chance of creating her ultimate career.


Boring people are quickly forgotten. Janelle over at Create Business Growth wrote a cool article about knowing the rules that bore people during a presentation. We are visual creatures and we need stimulation otherwise we’ll just tune you out.


We need to learn to maximize our creativity, especially if you are trying to bring in more customers, improve your career or just write a poem. Marelisa over at the Abundance Blog talks about maximizing your creativity. It’s a worthy post for any creative type.


Take action now and figure it out as you go along. Sara over at On Simplicity talks about making the choice to start a good habit, not later, but now. Hey, the only way you will make a lasting change in your life is to take action.


I’m a sucker for slapstick comedy and this little piece is great. A nice little leisure break after working hard all week. Make sure you catch all three. You’ll understand after you watch it.



I hope your weekend is filled with the recognition of the beauty that is before you because when we accept the splendor in our lives that’s when we see love in everything.

3 thoughts on “30 Seconds of Laughing and a Few Minutes of Learning”

  1. Hey Karl- Thanks for the honorable mention πŸ™‚ Tina’s blog was really inspirational, and Marelisa’s offered some great information. I use istock photos sometimes, but I never knew that you could submit your own and get paid for it! I’ll def. keep that in mind. That video was hilarious too- showed it to my colleagues…haha

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