15 Reasons to read the Communicatrix Blog

cheesysmile-whnColleen Wainright of the Communicatrix is one of my favorite bloggers out in the world. She brings a dynamic personality that keeps me wanting more.

I believe that every person in the world should read her blog and here is why:

1. She writes sentences like this: “At the core of Ruth McBride’s story is the animating truth of the universe—love, love, love—which she freely admits and burns so brightly with, it’s positively dazzling, dazzlingly positive.”

2. She’s a story teller through and through.

3. She isn’t afraid to write about the truth.

4. Her about me picture is all teeth.

5. She has a short bio and a long ass bio.

6. She has an annual 100 Things I Learned List.

7. She wrote a post called “The black hole between okay and fantastic.”

8. I met her in person and Colleen is 10x cooler in person.

9. She is a good listener.

10. She talked me through some confidence issues.

11. She promotes other businesses.

12. She talked to me as if I was the most important person in the room.

13. She challenges herself to be more awesome.

14. You can hire her to help your company. (Although she is currently on hiatus).

15  She is all over the place helping people become more cool.

Now that you know how amazing Colleen is, go check out her blog and subscribe.

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10 thoughts on “15 Reasons to read the Communicatrix Blog”

  1. Nadia - Happy Lotus Lifestyles

    Hi Karl,

    Okay…you got me…I will definitely go check out her blog.

    Thank you for the info. It is always nice to discover other sites.

  2. Awww, Karl this is such a nice list and so kind and thoughtful of you to do.

    I feel like I know Colleen a little more already! And She sounds Awe-some! Thanks, for sharing about Colleen and her work, I am definitely intrigued to check it out!

  3. Karl,
    Oh no I’m No.2 now!LOL I’m going to check it out and thanks for sharing your coolness. I just deleted from my reader yesterday. I didn’t know who I was making room for but you did!
    xo Tess

  4. Karl – I LOVE her, too — what a wonderful ‘spin’ to put on why folks should read her blog and I’m loving her new videos too … ahhh!

  5. Oh, Karl. I think this is the nicest thing anyone’s ever written about me. It’s certainly the longest, which made me all bashful about leaving a comment. (Well, that and me spending the past 48 hours on the road. Yikes!)

    Thank you so much. It is an honor and privilege to have met you; I so enjoyed our talk that night in Austin, and look forward to the next one!

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