Work Happy Now Discount List

Alright, listen up. I’m coming out with some pretty amazing products and offers. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes. I’m not just messing around, playing with my superpowers by burning napkins in my backyard with my superpowered laser eyes.

Ok, so I’m not really doing that crazy stuff, but I am using my superpowers to create some pretty cool projects.

I plan on launching a new product at least every four to six months, so if you don’t want that many emails, but you want discounts to supercharge your career/biz then this is your list. I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to get left out.

You’ll find out more about these great upcoming products as well as get discounts if you sign up right here:

(Your information is so important to me that I would never ever sell or give it away, even if I was being tortured by Dr. Oatzel.)

So if you refuse to let your arch nemesis get the upper hand and you also never want to pay full price for any of my products again, then join in and let’s level up your business.

You won’t have to worry about getting a lot of emails. You will only receive an email if I’m putting something on sale. You might receive 3 emails in one week and then not hear from me again for months.

If you aren’t ready to be a part of my discount list then you can still sign up for the newsletter and RSS email updates and stay involved because great things are happening.