Work Happiness 101

There is a foundation to every career that isn’t taught in school or on the job. Learning foundation-building techniques can help you become more creative and resilient at work. I sure wish I could have attended a seminar such as this one to help give me the basics of building a grrrrrreat career.

Like all great knowledge, these concepts are timeless. The course was originally called “How to Kick Butt at Work and Be Happy Too,” but I felt that the seminar covered so much more. This is material that every new entrepreneur, new employee, mad scientist, and parent could use.

The core concepts that are taught are the three R’s:

1. Reflection

You will learn how to really listen to your needs so you can use your strengths at work.

Many people make simple mistakes that can be avoided. In the first part of the course you’ll learn how to steer your emotions in a more positive direction.

I’ve made the mistake of being a big bully to myself and wrecking my confidence and motivation. If I would have learned to use reflection to boost my happiness, sooner I would have been a lot more successful and resilient in my career.

2. Relationships

You will learn how to build great relationships to help you personally and professionally.

The heart of every great career is relationships. Relationships are the key to getting your career off the ground. In this seminar you’ll learn 3 core concepts that will help you build better relationships.

These 3 concepts may not always be easy to apply because we may be afraid of the reactions they might elicit, but using the concepts will separate you from the other business owners and co-workers.

3. Results

You will learn how to reduce work stress and be more productive.

Producing great results starts with developing systems that allow you to work at optimum motivation. It all starts with caring about what you do and feeling connected to your results.

I will teach you how to bring your emotions back to center when you are feeling stressed out as well as encourage your to feel more connected to your work.


The last part is a bonus that I wasn’t expecting to throw in. It’s maybe the most timeless lesson of all. The surprising part is how few people actually use this tool on a regular basis.

Frequently asked questions

What is the format of the seminar?

Audio. The 50 minute session is packed full of ideas. You will also receive a workbook to complement the audio. The workbook gives you step by step tools to build your confidence in order to create great relationships and produce amazing results. The package also includes a poster that you can print out and put on your wall to encourage great results.

Why I denied the evil Dr. Oatzel exclusive rights.

I was contacted by the evil Dr. Oatzel who wanted sole use of this product, but I turned him down. I have a feeling that my arch nemesis didn’t want this important information to make too many people happy. I knew this product would help many people create a foundation for work happiness. I don’t care how evil Dr. Oatzel is. His threats to steal my seminar don’t scare me. I’ll fight to my dying breath to make sure you have access to it.

What if I have questions?

You probably will have questions and that’s why I created a special email system: when your question arrives to my inbox it sets off a chain reaction. A bowling ball is kicked, which rolls down a tube, flies across my bed room, and lands in a basket that sets off an alarm to alert me of your question. I promise to respond ASAP.

What is the cost?

This course will cost you $27. That’s less than a dollar a day for a month to build your confidence, happiness, and improve your relationships at work.

What if I don’t do the workbook?

Dr. Oatzel will probably storm your house and steal it from you. He is evil and will find a way to bring the work happiness revolution down.

Nitty Gritty

Technical Issues

As you know Work Happy Now is a small team of dedicated people, but we are using software. As you know there is always something going wrong. This seminar was no different. I rerecorded the first part of the seminar to help improve the quality. So you will notice a transition between recordings. This will have little effect on the quality of ideas within the seminar. To be honest I think Dr. Oatzel had something to do with all the problems I had bringing this seminar to you.

Please read this last part!

We are very busy at the Work Happiness Institute and want your buying experience to be amazing, but as we develop new products and fight off Dr. Oatzel and his evil gang, we haven’t had time to make the buy now page very cool. Please bear with us as we make improvements.

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