interview with manuj aggarwal

Why Meditation Should Not be Optional when Running a Business with Manuj Aggarwal

manuj aggarwal interview

Manuj Aggarwal is business mentor and strategist. He has dealt with a lot of ups and down in life and it’s fascinating what he learned and how its influenced his business.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How Manuj dealt with bullies in his neighborhood at the age of 9.
  • The rollercoaster ride of starting his career.
  • How he went from the boss from hell to the calm and caring boss that he is today.
  • How he encourages personal growth within his company.
  • The importance of meditation and how his practice influenced his life.
  • We all have different ways of learning.
  • His main focus when teaching new employees.
  • Showing them the step by step process that he uses to teach his employees.
  • Honing his storytelling skills to help people get onboard.
  • Painting a clear picture so people can latch on to the idea.
  • Dealing with a rocky relationship with his father.
  • It’s not about the solution that you are selling, it’s about how you make them feel.
  • Understanding the key aspects of the sales process.
  • The dominant emotion when trying to build connection is mistrust.
  • Figuring out ways to get a deeper understanding of people to build real connections.
  • Online credibility is a must.
  • How do you build a credible brand?
  • Why meditation is not optional.
  • The myth of the advantage of pulling all nighters to accomplish projects.
  • Understanding the consequences of your current habits if you don’t improve them.
  • Your internal motivation.
  • Favorite book, podcast and speaker.

You can learn more about Manuj over at his website, Manuj Aggarwal. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

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