Unlock Your Superpowers Manifesto

You have amazing powers to change people’s lives. What do you think is holding you back from reaching more people?

Think of the person you most admire and how they were able to change the world. Whether it is your father or Oprah Winfrey or Abraham Lincoln or Mother Theresa, they all had…


They weren’t deterred. They knew what they needed to focus on to accomplish their mission. They used every bit of strength they had to make it happen.

Through depression, non-believers and lack of resources they made a difference.

They believed if they didn’t accomplish their work a lot of people would suffer. They took action because they had to.

You need to take action as well. You weren’t here to survive. You are here to thrive!

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Unlock Your Superpowers Manifesto

I’ve created this manifesto to help you unlock your superpowers so you can impact more people.

Yes, this world need your help.


By having a deep understanding of what you value and where to put your attention that’s when you’ll understand how to reach your goals.

You are truly powerful!

You are meant to impact your friends, neighbors, and community.

The hard part is letting go of past beliefs and focusing on where you should put your attention.

In the Unlock Your Superpowers manifesto we’ll look at:

  1. What a superpower is.
  2. How other amazing people found their superpower to deepen their impact.
  3. What you can do to bring clarity to your career superpowers.

My hope with this manifesto is to help 1,000,0000 people understand how important they are to their friends and communities. When people let go of what is holding them back from unlocking their superpowers they will change the world.

I hope you enjoy this manifesto and if it sparks something inside of you please share it with one friend. I will need your help me unlock people’s superpowers. I can’t do it alone.

So if you know a friend who is unhappy at work, lost in life or feels like they can make a bigger impact then they should probably read this manifesto.


I thank those of you who already believe you have superpowers, but may need a little need help understanding your strengths. We all need help. Me included. It’s why I have a team of people the different superpowers to help me.

Hopefully this manifesto helps clarify where you should put your attention to make a bigger impact.

Thank you for believing in yourself.

Together, we will change the world, one superpower at a time because a team of people with complementary superpowers can’t be stopped. Download the manifesto and get started on unlocking your superpowers.