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Work doesn’t need to feel this torture. I’m going to go so far to say work should be fun. When we work happy, work stops being a chore and becomes a pleasurable endeavor.

That’s why I created this eCourse that will help people discover and leverage their passions. I created this course to help anyone, from a corporate employee to a self-employed entrepreneur. We all have basic needs. The only person who can fulfill your needs is you. It all comes from knowing what you need to make happiness a consistent reality.

I’ve heard hundreds of people complain about stress, motivation, and relationships. Interestingly enough, the same complaints come from corporate employees and entrepreneurs, just with a slightly different twist.

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You’ll also receive the 23 page Unlock Your Superpowers Guide. That walks you through the idea of a superpower, how other  smart people have leveraged their superpowers and how you can too.


Where Has the Fun Gone?

We think we know what will make us happy, but life changes too quickly for us to keep up. We become more rigid, trying to keep life consistent, instead of allowing our minds to be flexible to our circumstances.

It’s not about finding rules, steps and guidelines to be happy at work. It’s about adapting to our work and finding work that excites us to our core. This is what will allow for maximum enjoyment.

The E-Course is designed to help you uncover the “core you” that has been ignored. You have the ability to be happy at work. You just need to figure out how to work on projects that excite you, and to do so more often.

If you sign up for this free E-Course you will understand your passions and be ready to unlock your career superpowers. You will probably want to save these in a separate folder to make sure you can reference them at your convenience.

Free Unlock Your Passions eCourse


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The most important part of your “Work Happiness Project” is to have fun. So if at any point you are not having fun during this process, it’s important to stop and ask yourself “why,” before you continue on. By figuring out what emotional blocks are occurring, you’ll be able to address the pain, reduce its hold, and get back to enjoying what you are trying to accomplish – work happiness.

Achieving work happiness is a life long process. You can’t lock into happiness and just stay there. You need to constantly make adjustments to fit your changing circumstances. What made you happy 5 years ago isn’t necessarily going to make you happy today.

As you probably well know, happier people are more successful. Just look at the proof in your own life. I’ll bet you would rather buy from a salesperson who shows enthusiasm. You want to work with co-workers who have fun at work. You prefer clients who make you laugh.

You don’t mind going that extra mile for those people. They are giving happiness to you and you want to give happiness to them in return.

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