Understand What You are Tolerating with Lisa Cherney

Lisa Cherney is an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster who teaches people how to make a bigger impact in their business. In this interview you’ll learn how Lisa jumped from corporate America into owning her own business. She also explains how she has pivoted her business and is so much happier because she is more aligned with her work.


  • The permission to be ourselves comes from within.
  • The importance of doing meditation to help center yourself.
  • Where business owners get in their own way.
  • What are the 12 commandments of business.
  • Pausing before we make a choice to check in with ourselves.
  • Learning to surrender to the higher power of her work.
  • How Transcendental Meditation improved her life.
  • Letting the universe to help her with the pivot in your business.
  • Why she used the “F” word in the brand of her company’s name.
  • Where our attention goes our energy flows.
  • When you stop pushing so much good shit happens.
  • The importance of allowing things to unfold.
  • How she has been able to accept herself.
  • The book Five Regrets of the Dying.
  • How her mom’s cancer changed her life.
  • How do we go after what we really want.
  • Expressing yourself so other people tune in.
  • How she gave herself permission to fly.
  • A lot of judgement around her body and what it should look like.
  • Being honest with ourselves and get real we begin to break down our inner walls.
  • How I shared my journey with Lisa on the GFR podcast.
  • Redefining what success means to us.
  • Deepening her awareness.
  • Understand what you are tolerating.

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