The Superpower of Creativity

Your ability to unleash your superpower of creativity depends on one thing.

S p a c e !

The freedom to let you mind wander around until it stumbles upon an idea that is magical and needs you to take action.

Everyone’s version of space is different. Some people need the noise of a coffee shop to help then find this space. Others need complete silence.

You have to be willing to give yourself the freedom to let your mind wander. If you don’t, you’ll end up with tight synapses that keep repeating the same ideas.

People label laziness as a bad trait that should be banished from business. The reality is laziness can be harnessed and used to unleash your superpowers. Instead of making a list of things you need to accomplish to stay on task try making a doodle. A little doodle to keep your mind slightly occupied so it can think of that great idea that will push your business forward.