The Starter

It wasn’t a big life event that made me want to change how I dealt with my life. It was maybe the most minor event we all have to do.

A hair cut.

I was sitting, waiting for my turn and I could feel my tenseness. When she went to the computer and called my name I was already wanting the experience to be over.

I sat down and could feel myself getting tighter. My neck and arms were starting to hurt. A headache began to creep up from between my shoulder blades.

Why was I feeling this way?

Why couldn’t I relax and just enjoy the hair cut?

As the days and weeks passed I saw this same tension pop up at work, at home, everywhere.

I was only happy when I was doing something or distracted by something. Sports and comedies were keeping me sane.

I wanted to be at point “b” instead of just enjoying where I was at.

This is common. I know. Too common.

My Inability

I was unable to enjoy the journey that I was on. I was grasping for the next thing instead of enjoying the present moment.

It’s really easy to live life as one continuous check off the bucket list item. Visiting a faraway country or buying a car we’ve always dreamed of owning. We see these checkmarks as making progress. The reality is we check one thing off, barely enjoy it and move onto the next thing.

This is not how you master enjoying your life, it’s how you keep life tense.

One of the most important feelings to master in life is happiness. It’s one that many of us struggle with because we forget about appreciating the simple things. The daily things that make us feel good.

This blog was created to help people bring the joy back into life through daily gratitude. Not just feeling grateful, but sharing gratitude.

Bring gratitude to everyone you meet.

Gratitude Starts Everything

You can’t be happy without gratitude. You can’t enjoy another person without gratitude. You can’t enjoy lunch without appreciating it.

Too often we go about our daily day and we forget to be grateful for the simple things in our life. The everyday things that bring us joy. That’s why I’m writing this blog.

I want you, all of us, to be able to relax and enjoy the everyday things like getting a haircut and waiting in line at the grocery store.

It’s appreciating these daily situations that will make us happy. And it all starts with gratitude.

I want to help people bring more appreciation back into life. When you’re feeling grateful you can enjoy the present moment instead of wanting it to be different. That’s what happiness comes down to. Being able to appreciate the moment instead of wanting it to be different.

The Current Situation

There is nothing wrong with uncomfortable feelings. They help us take action to improve our lives. Whether we are at a job that isn’t a good fit or in a dysfunctional relationship. We need those uncomfortable feelings to spur us into action. Then we can be grateful for our ability to take action and make changes in our lives.

Accepting and enjoying the current situation that we are in that’s when we lean on gratitude. We use it to ground us in the moment.

That’s what the stories will be about in this blog. They were created to help remind us to bring gratitude to every situation.