Dig to Fly interview with Patti Denucci

The Art of Making Decisions with Patti DeNucci

In this interview, you’ll learn how to understand how you can improve your communication by becoming a better listener. They go hand-in-hand. Patti DeNucci is an author and speaker. One of my favorite parts of this interview is when she talks about the lens through which we view life.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What Patti was like as a kid and how her personality influenced her career.
  • Why having freedom as a kid is so important to creativity.
  • How I’ve struggled with being playful in my career.
  • Inserting fun into work.
  • How not to take yourself too seriously.
  • Why sharing an embarrassing story helps us connect with others.
  • She shares her embarrassing story with us.
  • Listening and understanding to your ego to help you avoid getting stuck.
  • Acknowledging our inner critic helps us get better results.
  • What advice her mom would give to her as a kid and how she applies it in her career.
  • How her parents influenced her.
  • How her fears have influenced her decisions.
  • Learning to be a lot imperfect.
  • How perfectionism has held her back from finishing her book.
  • How to get out of the weeds so you fly in your career.
  • Why I was afraid to put time into something because I struggle with perfectionism.
  • Building her legacy.
  • How to surface our doubts so we don’t allow them to dictate our decisions.
  • Why she focuses on her vision at the beginning of a project.
  • Noticing the patterns is vital to understanding your vision of a big project.
  • How to understand unuseful questions so you can focus on what matters.
  • Developing your intuition when trying to make good decisions.
  • Understanding her strengths and weaknesses so she works on projects that fit her personality.
  • The art of making decisions when working on a big project.
  • Checking in with your whole body when making decisions.
  • Understanding the lens through which we view life.
  • The nervous mechanism of overtalking.
  • Giving ourselves attention helps us become better listeners.
  • Understanding how much energy a certain task takes and how to meet our needs while doing it.
  • Most impactful book, podcast, favorite toy, and essential tool in her career.

You can learn more about Patti DeNucci over at Intentional Networker. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn. Check out her book, More Than Just Talk: The Essential Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Enjoy Better Conversations (Amazon Link).

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