Thank You for Joining Our Community

Are you ready to bring more passion into work? Over the next few weeks I want to help you feel more excited by your work and bring more happiness to the people around you. When you boost your happiness you also boost the people around you. It starts with understanding the why behind your actions. Then you will be able to align your core values with your daily work.

Passion is vital to doing great work and breaking through all kinds of barriers that are bound to come your way. If you believe in your purpose it’s easier to let go of the tough moments and find a new way to succeed.

My goal for you is to just put one of the ideas into action over the next 30 days. Think of it as a little career happiness project. For example if you want to help your employees unlock their passions then you have to allow them to open up to what lights them up inside. If you want to bring the spark back to your career then you have to get back to the basics.

You have to start by taking small steps and doing things that can help you create layers of improvement. Each layer adding to the next. The first step is finding a project that you are passionate about and aligns with your core values. Make a plan and float it by your boss or start a side project that you can accomplish within 30 days. The keys are getting started and taking consistent action, so you can measure and refine your results.

You’ll also receive the Unlock Your Superpowers manifesto very soon. Until then please enjoy the e-course.

Remember to start with your why. When you understand your “why” before you have to do a project or task it’s easier to stay focused and get it done.

If you ever need any more help personally or with your organization I would love to help. Just visit my Career Coaching or Speaking page and see if I’m a good fit for your needs. Also if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

I would wish you luck, but you don’t need it. You are on your way to creating the type of work life that will bring you happiness.