Work Smart

How to Be a Man at Work

Being a man in today’s workplace isn’t easy. There are always more unwritten and official rules that we must follow. What was okay a year ago might have changed, but I believe the core principals of being a man in the workplace haven’t changed.   The core principals of being a man at work are …

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Alltop Loves Me

What is Alltop you ask? Alltop is a site that takes the best blog feeds from all types of categories and displays them on their site. Their description of what they do goes like this…   Alltop’s Purpose We help you explore your passions by collecting stories from “all the top” sites on the web. …

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Positive Belief

It’s not positive thinking that makes people have a good outlook on life. It’s positive beliefs that build happy people. A person can think all the positive thoughts they want, but if they don’t truly believe them then they aren’t true for that person. You’ve probably met people who are good at what they do …

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