Work Happy

Career Renegade Interview

As always, I’m trying to bring as many perspectives about work happiness to you that I possibly can. Jonathan Fields of Career Renegade is a friend who I met at SxSW and he is also a wonderful writer. I reviewed his book and took away a ton of great ideas. He’s a serial entrepreneur and …

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Struggling at Work

  Changes at work can be a difficult adjustment. I’m going through some changes right now and I wanted to share my thoughts through video.

All Employees Deserve Respect

Employees get in sticky situations with customers because of various reasons. When the customer complains the manager brings the employees into their office to reprimand them. This has happened to me and millions of other employees. This happens because of two reasons:   Manager fails to listen to the employee’s explanation The employee fails to …

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Use Your Imagination

Most of my earlier working life had been a struggle. I swung between complicated and simple perspectives, hardly ever straddling the middle. I was afraid to let go of my limited view because I thought that if I just simplified my work I would be happy. A simple life is good, but there will always …

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