Time Management is a Waste of Time

There are important things and then there are really important things. Know the difference. Stop getting caught up in trying to schedule every thirty minutes of your day. You know what needs to get done. The other stuff can wait. Amazing results will not happen because you have an amazingly organized schedule. Amazing results are …

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Active Managers Win the Race

You’re leisurely jogging toward the finish line in your khakis and button down shirt when you look back and all the other managers from your various competitors are on your heels. You thought you were leading the pack by a good distance, but they caught up. You look forward again and the finish line got …

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All Employees Deserve Respect

Employees get in sticky situations with customers because of various reasons. When the customer complains the manager brings the employees into their office to reprimand them. This has happened to me and millions of other employees. This happens because of two reasons:   Manager fails to listen to the employee’s explanation The employee fails to …

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