Dig to Fly Podcast Episode with Scott Young

Seeking Truth with Scott Young

In this interview with Scott Young, author and entrepreneur. One of my favorite parts is how he is always seeking truth. He works on pulling away his inner armor so he is honest with himself and others.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What does he appreciate about what he has been able to accomplish.
  • Why taking for granted limits your humility.
  • Dealing with doubts about starting a successful business.
  • Why dwelling on past mistakes can keep you humble.
  • Building awareness around how you can learn.
  • How he finished MIT online courses in just one year.
  • Why making a public declaration that he would complete 4 years of MIT courses in just one year.
  • Making goals that check off multiple reasons.
  • Why following your curiosity turns a career from good to great.
  • How he learned another language quickly.
  • Getting comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Why learning a business is similar to learning another language.
  • Digging into his failures as an entrepreneur.
  • How he processed his failures and came out stronger.
  • The importance of committing to challenging projects that excite you.
  • How to create good guard rails for a new project that you want to start.
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Why authors struggle to write the more they improve as writers.
  • Seeking truth in his work helps him be authentic.
  • Making sure not to sugar coat his work.
  • Not worrying about the judgements of others.
  • Understanding that we are all deeply flawed.
  • Most impactful book, podcast, tool he uses to stay focused on his work.

You can learn more about Scott over at Scott H Young website. You can check out his book Ultralearning on Amazon. You can also get the 7 Must-know Strategies to learn anything faster. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

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