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Ripples of Impact with Jonathan Marion

In this interview, you’ll learn about the framework that can help you step back and make better decisions in your career. Jonathan Marion is a Transformational Life Coach. One of my favorite parts of this interview is how his struggles with a spinal injury helped him step back from his career and evaluate where he wanted to go in his career.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why the accomplishments in his current career weren’t something he wanted to chase any longer.
  • What spurred him to make a huge career change.
  • Why he resigned from his tenured professor position.
  • How his sadness played a role in making a career shift.
  • Riding the burst of excitement in our careers.
  • What is anticipatory grief?
  • How a major spine injury forced him to shift his life drastically.
  • Why he wouldn’t give the spinal injury experience back because of how much it taught him.
  • How can we adjust our intentions so they are more powerful?
  • Focusing on creating ROI (Ripples of Impact) in our careers.
  • Creating a more caring and connected world.
  • Seeing the opportunities in our struggles.
  • Example: The downfall of hunting promotions.
  • Digging deeper in why you want what you want.
  • Getting clear on the outcomes that you want.
  • BEING framework to help you make better decisions.
  • Understanding what you value.
  • How to notice disempowering beliefs so you can shift this outlook.
  • Being more intentional with the language that we use so we empower ourselves.
  • Why we don’t put enough time into the things that truly matter to us.
  • Most shared book and favorite speaker.

You can learn more about Jonathan Marion over at Steps Along the Way. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn

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