Putting Yourself First is not Selfish with Brett Robbo

Brett Robinson is an entrepreneur, coach and mindset expert. In this interview you’ll learn about the Triple Battery Method and how he dealt with the murder of his grandparents. It’s a terrible and enlightening story that I think you’ll be fascinated by and how he learned to grow from the tough situation.


  • What Brett does to get his mind right in the mornings.
  • The science of gratitude and what it does from the hormonal perspective.
  • The different facets of our emotions.
  • The ying and yang of our emotions.
  • Deepening your gratitude practice to help you retrain your brain.
  • Shifting how we make choices.
  • How to understand how you are out of alignment.
  • FFA list – Creating a list that helps remind you what helps you feel awesome.
  • Why other people can’t make you feel a certain way.
  • Triple battery method.
  • Awareness is the first step to making change.
  • What actions you can change to shift out of a negative state.
  • Analogy of dirt and water.
  • Learning the different parts of the brain.
  • Creating clarity in our lives.
  • Coherence breathing and the health benefits.
  • Learn Brett’s breaking technique. He shows us how to use a simple technique to help calm yourself when you are in a stressful situation.
  • Failing forward.
  • Every day is an opportunity. 
  • Understanding your top core values.
  • Why putting yourself first is not selfish.
  • Blueprint that helps him feel awesome.
  • What defines your future.
  • How not to be a victim. 
  • Empowering yourself to be your best self.
  • How he dealt with the terrible death of his grandparents.
  • Being 100% present.
  • Becoming a stronger person, a more whole person after going through his tough time after his grandparents passed.
  • Your past experiences do not define who you are and who you want to become.

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