positivity matters

Positivity is Underrated

There it was again. My insecurity coming out. I was worried about what would happen if I decided to work on a difficult project.

My boss asked me to lead the team to redesign a product line on our website.

There were two possible paths I could have taken. The me from five years ago would have followed the “negative” path. I would have started complaining about what could go wrong and why I was wasting my time.

Since I’ve started working on being more curious about my thoughts and feelings, I’ve been able to step back and be more aware of where they are coming from.

When my first thought was, “Man, this will be a lot of work,” I decided to dive a little deeper into why this was my first thought. I realized that I was afraid of failing. The truth finally came out. I smiled. I took the time to appreciate this thought and then I asked myself:

“What good could happen if I try this new project?”

I saw that this new project would open up ways for me to improve my communication skills. It would also encourage me to be more organized. I could feel how I was looking at this from a more positive perspective.

I needed this new project to help me grow. Once I saw this new project as a growth opportunity, I was all in.

Finding the small sliver of a positive outcome is important to growing yourself. If you can start working on this over the next 28 days, it will change how you are able to finish your projects.

Positive Perspective

I’m working on creating a Positivity Challenge. I want people to send or post one piece of positive content to an individual or a group of people every single day for 28 days. If you’ll tag me, I will also add positivity to your message.

You can share something you love or something that fascinates you. You can talk about something cool someone else has done that you admire. You can share a life-changing book with a friend. You can share a business contact with a friend that could use their help.

The ideas are limitless. When you share positive things with friends, family and coworkers then you are building a relationship based on positivity instead of negativity. This is how we build a strong community based on connection, love and joy.

Start Small

It took me awhile to figure out what worked for me. It’s about taking small steps, appreciating your progress, and making small improvements as you go along.

I suggest using your next 28 days to build a support team around you. You can do that by joining the 28 Day Positivity Challenge where you’ll get weekly emails, midweek progress check-ins and access to the Mindset First Club on Facebook filled with over 2,300 positive and caring people. If you want to practice with a friend, just send them to this page: https://bringgratitude.com/share-positivity-challenge/. We’ll work on our positivity together.