Our Core Values

Here at Work Happy Now we try to live what we preach. We are far from perfect, but we do try to follow the Work Happy Now core values.

We share these core values with our clients, employees, contractors, vendors and you.

Our Core Values

Here are our top 5 core values that help us stay on track and keep a unified vision for how we want to help people create great places to work.

1. Seek Truth

Always be willing to seek the truth at every turn. If we take on a project that isn’t working we have to be willing to seek out why and be honest with ourselves so we can get to the heart of the issue and improve it.

2. Be 100% You

The best ideas come when your brain is relaxed and able to think of unique solutions to difficult problems. If you can’t be 100% you then you are holding back your best work. If you need to take a walk, read a kids book, doodle in a meeting, sit outside, bring toys into the meeting because it helps you relax and feel comfortable then we are all for it.

3. Have a Growth Mindset

We believe that everything that we do helps us become smarter and stronger. If you aren’t making mistakes you aren’t growing. The more things we are curious about and try out and learn from the better we become as a team.

4. Get in the Zone

When working on a project it’s important to stay focused and not let distractions hinder us from getting in the zone. If that means not returning an email right away, so be it. It’s more important that we are efficient with our high level work so we can keep moving the business forward.

5. Have Fun

Maybe the most important aspect that we believe ties all of the above together. We have to have fun with our work otherwise we’ll give up before we see the positive results.

Our Vision

We believe that every company should strive to make their company a great place to work, one passion project at a time. We know that’s not easy and we’re here to help companies create systems to improve happiness and results.