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queenofvictoriaThe happier your organization’s culture is, the more creative and successful your organization will become. It’s simple: when your employees are happy, they work harder, show more enthusiasm, and try to develop ideas that improve the company’s bottom line.

Work Happiness is my motto because I want to work with organizations that are open minded. They must trust that their people’s happiness is what makes the customer happy. I promise that I won’t come in with some generic idea that I used at my last company. Your company is unique, and if I recycled old ideas it might help for a few weeks, but then it would most certainly fade away. I want lasting change that will improve your company over many years.

I can give you tools that you will start using right away. I believe in taking immediate and consistent action in order to help you and your coworkers enjoy work and deliver great results.

When you work with me, your organization will:

– Expand Employees’ Superpowers
– Learn to be Team Players
– Retain the Best Employees
– Expand Customer Loyalty
– Enjoy Each Other’s Differences (A little weirdness is fun)

Creating an atmosphere that encourages happiness will help you improve your bottom line. That’s what business is all about – making customers, employees and each other happy and making good money while doing it.


A Happy Organization is More Successful:

– HR expert David Maister states that companies that enhance employee satisfaction by 20% can improve financial performance by 42%.
– The average cost for a new hire can range up to $15,008 according to Managers and Upper management are even more expensive to replace. It’s more costly to keep replacing people who leave because they don’t enjoy the work environment.

My specialty is:

Creating a Happy Work Environment – People want to work for an organization that supports happiness and personal growth. And the most talented people want to work for an organization that encourages their people to have fun. Building this type of organization is worth the effort because it helps retain employees, encourages trust, and increases sales through relationship building.

I will tailor my concepts to your style of business, so they stick. I make sure each concept fits with your work environment and lasts. Anyone can suggest a new idea, but making sure that it becomes a habit takes work. Let’s get started today and let’s raise your organization’s level of productivity.

“Karl’s advice was very practical and very important. People overlook these measures and practices in a fast-paced life.”
Chris Erthal of Kershner Trading Group LLC

Use Happiness to Your Advantage

Work Happy Now was created to help employees improve their working lives. I love improving people’s work happiness through this blog. The problem is there isn’t as much intimacy. So if you want to create a little more impact and bring more happiness to your organization then invite me in and we’ll create a plan that will help improve sales and customer service, as well as retain your great people.

You will save money in the long run because you’ll retain the best talent, increase employee confidence which will make them more productive, and build customer loyalty because your employees’ happiness will trickle down to the customer.

Why your organization should hire me:

– I love what I do and it shows. I know what it’s like to struggle to enjoy my job. I also know what it’s like to do what I love. I’ve created a program that helps employees find meaning in their work and appreciate their job.
– I create a fun and energetic atmosphere.
– I care. I’m not there to give my presentation, take my money and leave. I’ll stay as long as someone has a question to ask.
– Work Happiness Works. Happy employees spread happiness throughout the whole organization. If your co-worker is happy, you have a 34% increased chance of being happy yourself. (Time December 22, 2008)

Is Work Happy Now Consulting right for you?


Develop a deeper understanding of what makes your employees happy, productive and create great referral results.


Learn how to create marketing systems that leverage your superpowers as well as your employees’ superpowers.


Empower your employees’ ability to wow the customer.

Results You Will Achieve


Your employees will stay longer with your company, be more productive and give better customer service.


Improve your company’s Word of Mouth marketing by developing a happiness plan that motivates and energizes your people.

Who do I work with?.

Are you passionate about your work? Do you want to build a more positive environment? GREAT! I’d love to work with you.

I love working with business owners or people who want to be small business owners some day, but can’t figure out to leverage their superpowers. I’ve been there and it’s a process that we must all go through, so you may as well have someone with a different set of superpowers that can help guide you.

I can help you create systems that help you break through your blocks so you can harness your focus and meet your goals.

Your feelings are important

Many creative people try to bully themselves into doing work that they hate. Sorry, you can’t operate that way. You need to understand the underlying causes and figure out a plan that motivates you from within.

Ryan-smith-p-125x125“The best thing about working with Karl is the ease in which the conversation flows. It’s easy to bounce ideas off of him and get immediate feedback and he always keeps the conversation focused and on target. He plays a great devils advocate and forces you to question your actions/direction. Karl is compassionate, understanding and full of ideas he is willing to share. He helped unlock some hidden potential in my business and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for inspiration.”
– Ryan Smith 0f Chase Smith Photography


Being successful means developing and using your:


Passion – Understanding your needs and your employees’ needs and how to use them to create great results.


Focus – Understanding that work shouldn’t feel like torture. That means doing work that gets you and your people in the zone.


Strengths – Doing work that comes easy and is fun for you and your employees. It’s vital to building great relationships.


I’ve heard all the excuses:

  • I don’t think it would help.
    • HR expert David Maister would disagree with you. He states that companies that enhance employee satisfaction by 20% can improve financial performance by 42%.
  • We are already happy.
    • Your people may be happy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find ways to take their happiness to the next level.
  • The happiness will not last. We’ll just go back to our same old habits.
    • Of course it won’t last if you don’t continue to practice what I teach. I provide tools that allow your organization to work on improving your happiness every day. It’s really up to each individual employee to want to improve the environment and make it enjoyable. I can teach you how to be happy at work, but I can’t make you happy
  • It’s too expensive.
    • The average cost for a new hire can range up to $15,008 according to Managers and Upper management are even more expensive to replace. It’s more costly to keep replacing people who leave because they don’t enjoy the work environment.

My Rates

Please contact me using my contact page (or send me an email karl (AT) workhappynow (DOT) com) and we’ll set up a conference call to see how I can help your company.

* If you are a non-profit I will reduce my fees to make it more viable for me to help your organization.

Contact me at 512-963-0828, my contact page, or email me at karl (at)