Learn How to Write from the Blogging Masters

Most of my writing lessons in the past 3 years have come from reading blogs. I’ve read many great writers in my day from Ayn Rand to Charles Bukowski. They taught me the value of clear and entertaining prose. What they didn’t teach me was how to sell myself. I didn’t realize that as I read blogs I was learning how to build my business.

As we progress through this modern world we are all building our brands. We build careers, businesses, and relationships to bring us happiness. Everyone you connect with on Facebook could lead to a new venture. That’s why writing is so important. If we are smart, funny, and clear we can build relationships that will grow our brands.

If you aren’t learning from people who have careers you desire you are missing out on a huge learning experience.

It’s why I’m an affiliate of Pace and Kyeli’s World Changing Writing Workshop. They got some of the smartest bloggers on the planet to help teach the core concepts of writing that entices and sells.

The Five Keys to World-Changing Writing are:

1. Persuasion. Writing that makes people jump out of their seats and take action.

2. Fans. Finding and growing your right audience.

3. Getting it done. Creating a writing practice that works for you.

4. Safety. Making writing comfortable instead of terrifying for you.

5. Authenticity. Writing from your heart and using your own experiences to create awareness and change in others.

This isn’t a cheap course. I’ll admit that, but I am an affiliate of this workshop because of the people they have involved. They are amazing writers and worth every penny.


Chris GuillebeauTribe Building – He has built a strong fan base quicker than anyone I know.
Jonathan FieldsBranding – Helps people tap into their renegade personality.
Danielle LaPorteDiscovering Passions – Develops people’s business passions.
Colleen WainwrightWriting – I can’t stop reading Colleen once I start.
Jennifer LoudenLiving Compassionately – She cares more than almost any blogger that I know.
Johnny B. TruantProvoker and teacher – He can rile up business like no other.

It’s $197 until Friday then it goes up to $297. Here is the sales page and here is my affiliate link that helps support this website.

These people have taught me a lot about writing and I can’t wait to hear what they say about how they built their writing careers.

Each speaker added a section to the workbook that goes along with each session. After learning their techniques for 45 minutes you can then ask whatever question you want. That’s worth the money right there. Anyone of these people is $250 + and hour. You can’t even get some of them on the phone no matter how much you paid them.

Of course they have amazing bonuses too. They have interviews and ebooks. It’s really an awesome chance to take your writing to the next level.

You should really buy this writing workshop before the price goes up to $297 only if you love writing. Yes, I will earn money from this link if you purchase the workshop. I honestly believe it’s worth the money otherwise I wouldn’t be talking about it.

* As you know I don’t put any ads up on this site because I want to keep the noise ratio down. I only want to tell you about amazing products that are worth talking about. This is how I make money and provide you with great content, so if you are into developing your writing skills you should buy this product, if not I understand if you don’t buy. Stay tuned for other great products.