Guest Posting

Guest Posting

I’m trying to get my writing and name out there, so I’ve been guest posting. Check out the articles…

At The Positivity Blog:

How the Fear of Losing My Job Helped Me to Grow

Working for a company that might be cutting jobs can force the energy right out of you if you don’t take some steps to set your perspective on the positive.

There are usually three perspectives that dictate our emotional outlook.

  1. Relaxing in the now.
  2. Imagining that things will get better.
  3. The problem itself.

Out of the three options, which one do you think will only make problems worse?

Maybe the question is a little too easy, but why do so many people keep doing it?

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At Change Your Thoughts:

How to become a better person at work

A job is so much more than helping a corporation or a boss earn more money. There are many levels to work that people miss out on because they’re too caught up in their goals. I don’t advocate blowing off your goals, but I encourage everyone to find other aspects that help them enjoy their work and become better at their job.

Most people want to accomplish the tasks that they are assigned, but there are many ways to get the job done as well as increase your enjoyment at work.

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