Gratitude is the biggest reason for my happiness and success. It’s helped me build my confidence and improve my relationships.

The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement. – Charles Schwab

I’m more open to feedback. It’s this feedback that has helped me improve my career and relationships. It’s the barometer of my success.

You remember the relationships that you’ve built in your career. It’s these relationships that have brought you to where you are today.

I used to be a very pessimistic person. My relationships suffered. I used to fear feedback. I hid from it.

I’ve made great strides because I’ve built the confidence, through gratitude, from within to be able to handle feedback of all kinds. I don’t take it personal. I’m grateful for their thoughts and use it for fuel to improve.

I started by keeping a gratitude journal for 30 days. I realized how much my gratitude journal helped me become a happier and stronger person, so I wanted to do the same for you.

I created the 30 day Gratitude Course. Each day you’ll receive a quote and a question.

The first questions I will ask you is:

Why do you think it’s important to feel grateful?

The replies have been amazing. I try to read each one.

If you want more gratitude in your life to help build confidence and improve your relationships (at work and at home) then sign-up below and watch how gratitude will improve your life.

30 Days of Gratitude