Gratitude Quiz

I stood at the sink washing dishes.

I was lucky to be there. My youngest son was dancing with a neighborhood friend and my oldest son was building a fort.

My wife was out grocery shopping and I was cleaning up the kitchen.

I was just happy to be in this moment. It took me so long to get here and I have a long way to go, but all my hard work through my gratitude journal, reading, mentors, and writing has really helped me.

I made a lot of progress, but I didn’t know how far I had come. It’s getting harder to remember how lonely and depressed I’d been in my twenties.

I wished that I had something to help me keep track. I’m at a level than last year. I’ve noticed from the emails and in the Mindset First Club that everyone is at different levels. That’s why I had the idea to create a quiz to determine where you are on your journey. Just a simple quiz that can help people see where they can grow their mindset.

I’ve taken the quiz a few times, and the second time was my best. I was at level 3 “Expert”. I took it last week and I was at level 2 “advanced”. It was a rough week. It reminded me that my gratitude ebbs and flows.

I would like you to try the Gratitude Quiz. It’s only 8 questions, but the feedback from the Mindset First Club was really good. It helped many of them see where they could improve.

The cool part is after you are done you’ll get a score. It will then put you in one of three levels.

  • Level 1 is Intermediate
  • Level 2 is Advanced
  • Level 3 is Expert

You’ll then receive customized follow up emails to help you develop your gratitude.

Then whenever you feel like you need a check-in, you can take the quiz again.