Sarah Robinson

Give Yourself Grace with Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson

Sarah Robinson is speaker, writer, and coach to speakers. She is a professionally trained actress at the National Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC. In this interview you’ll learn how she dealt with her own internal strife to come out the other side stronger and help others break through her inner walls.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How she finds the energy to serve others.
  • The power of reading.
  • The journaling technique that helps her process her thoughts and emotions.
  • How her childhood has influenced her career.
  • Sarah’s Mom likes to say, “The older you get the more like yourself you become.”
  • How a really good story and cooking helps her replenish her mind. 
  • How she learned from falling off her childhood horse.
  • The power of failing and getting through the fear.
  • How structure helps make good habits intentional.
  • That time she had a meltdown during the pandemic.
  • The mistake that we make when we are dealing with tough things.
  • The story of why she apologizes to her kids.
  • Do this before you start a new project.
  • The importance of giving yourself grace when you need it the most.
  • Dealing with your inner bully.
  • Understanding our stories that we tell ourselves because they influence us more than we  like to admit.
  • Bring stories into our consciousness so we can be better aware of our choices.
  • Her favorite mantra and how she uses it to help keep herself grounded.
  • Her favorite musical artists that helps her feel better when she is feeling overwhelmed.
  • The number one habit to help her feel replenished.
  • The form of meditation that helps her start her day.
  • Allowing the day to come to you instead of letting the day bowl you over.
  • Setting rules for kids.
  • Favorite book: Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner (Amazon Link)
  • Favorite speaker: Monica Lewinsky Ted talk
  • A little practice you can do when you mess up.

You can learn about Sarah over at her website, Sarah Robinson. You can also learn more about her over at at LinkedIn.

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