Every Town is Slightly Different

No matter where you go every town has different rules. A beach town doesn’t care if you come in the store in your bare feet. They just want your business. If you don’t take time to notice these little details you are missing out on how people connect with each other in the town.

The beach stores don’t want to enforce rules on people that doesn’t make sense. People walk around in bare feet. If you want them to come into your store you can’t force them to wear something they don’t have on them.

You have to be flexible with the community you are creating. They might not want to comment on your blog. They might not want to buy certain types of products. Yes you are creating the community, but you still have to be flexible.

You might be the sheriff, keeping order, but you aren’t the only one creating rules. It’s your job to listen to your people and see what they really want from you. You build a community by knowing how to make people feel comfortable and happy.