Disrupt Your Negative Patterns with Teresa McKee

Teresa Mckee is a CEO and podcaster with an amazing curiosity. You are going to love how she explored different strengths based on people’s feedback to shift her career to one that she loved. I loved how she explores different phases, which helped her 

Highlights from the interview:

  • How she noticed her strengths coming out in different ways.
  • How she dealt with a horrible feel of public speaking.
  • She deepened her knowledge on spiritual psychology and tapping techniques.
  • Why she stopped doing one type of work pivoted her career.
  • How she followed her curiosity in her career.
  • How she merged strengths to help her stand out in your career and business.
  • Why she interned for a radio station at an older age to help build her resume.
  • Understanding how our personality types help us maintain good energy during our projects.
  • Applying day job lessons to a side hustle.
  • What word she uses instead of failure.
  • What she did when her whole presentation blew up in front of a large crowd.
  • What her process is when she is feeling overwhelmed.
  • The power of laughter to help recover from a difficult situation.
  • Spiritual space to help you stop taking yourself seriously.
  • Just allowing the Universe/God/whatever you believe in energy flow through you.
  • How we craft the stories in our heads.
  • Shifting our mindset to help us focus on the positive.
  • The practice of working with your mindset to quiet the negative voices in your head.
  • How we can recognize false fears and not let them sweep us into a bad mental space.
  • The benefit of not being able to finish a book during the pandemic.
  • Respond to a difficult issue instead of just reacting.
  • Her favorite book, podcast, speaker, favorite toy as a kid, and tool that she uses to stay focused on her essential tasks.

You can learn more about Teresa over at Work2Live Well. You can also check out her podcast, Mindful Moment (Apple Podcast link), and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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