Decision-Maker Personality Assessment

Learn how your personality type dictates how you make decisions. When you understand how you like to make decisions, you can lean into these strengths and better navigate your weaknesses. You’ll receive an email explaining how you can leverage your personality type to create more space so you can focus on your essential projects.

Time commitment: 5 min. (15 questions)

After the quiz, just fill in your name and email, and you’ll get a detailed explanation of how you can leverage your decision-maker personality type in your career.

What are people saying about the assessment?

“Interesting! I’m curious, but I can spiral down a rabbit hole researching my decisions. That pretty much sums me up! I’ve completed quite a few tests during my career, and this was definitely different.”
“I tested out Hopeful and that’s accurate. I often believe things will work out regardless, but it’s valid point that it can leave a blind spot if not careful.”
“It definitely captured my cautious decision-making personality. Overall, it was a satisfying, accurate quiz.”
“I think that “Fast” was correct for the most part. For work decisions, where I am an expert, I am rarely wrong with my decisions, which are usually fast and precise.”