Day 30 of Joy Realignment Challenge – Leaning Forward


Have you ever sat on a bench and watched people jog by?

You can spot the people who have an easy time jogging. They have good form. They don’t seem to be struggling.

They get it.

The technique doesn’t seem to be that difficult. Lean slightly forward, land on the balls of your feet, have a steady rhythm and pace.

It takes practice. Your body type might need to be a little more straight than a typical jogger.

You just have to feel through what is best for you.

That’s what this August joy realignment challenge has done for me.

There are no perfect days, minutes or even moments.

Where to Put Your Focus

There are 1000 things to focus on. Some are painful, some are neutral and some are filled with joy. Choosing what to focus on isn’t easy.

As I grow my customer conversion business, Domino Connection, I feel like some days are just meant to be tough. I either want to make them tough to challenge myself to find the joy or they are just plain difficult.

I recently posted an update on the Work Happy Now Facebook Page about what is going on inside my head:

Day 31 of my joy realignment. I’m not sure if this will make sense, but the emotional waves are getting higher and lower throughout my day.

I see a lot more mistakes that I make as I try to enjoy the moment I’m in. I get frustrated that I let my emotions sweep me up and down. I want to be like a cruise ship, not feeling each little wave.

Maybe trying to be something I’m not isn’t a good thing either. Enjoying the fact that I’m sensitive to the emotional waves may be a good thing if I let them wash over me, enjoying the up and down for what it is.

This challenge has forced me to look at my own thought techniques. Just like jogging it takes practice to hone this skill.

I noticed that as I watch TV it affects how I view life too. For example I’ve been watching a well-crafted show, Breaking Bad, but also very disturbing. It’s compelling and hard not to watch because of its gripping story.

After the show is over I feel slightly depressed. My thoughts are more negative and sluggish.

I’m seriously considering not watching the show because of how it makes me feel after I’m done watching it.

Every Thought Matters

The problem might not be the show, but how I process it.

When I had cancer I couldn’t ignore this difficult situation. I had to face it straight on.

Maybe I can use Breaking Bad as a way to develop my thought processes and learn how to let go of negative inner and outer content.

Figuring out how to ride my emotional waves as they take me up and down I believe will help me work happier.

Mental Processes

If a potential new client hires me then it I am just a watcher of these excited emotions.

If a current client decides to take their marketing in a new direction and end our business relationship then it’s just watching these depressed emotions.

It’s about reducing my “arch nemesis” power and let the emotional waves come and go.

It’s more about curiosity than thinking my emotions are a fixed state.

Keeping this joy train going will be very important over the next few months.

I think this 30 day challenge has been the most important thing I’ve done for my career this year. I plan on doing another one very soon.

Do you meditate? What suggestions do you have to create a daily practice?

* Know someone who needs more joy in their career? Please send them this post. Thanks.

** Image courtesy of Geff Rossi