Noah Kagan interview

Chaos and Peace in Business with Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan is an entrepreneur with an amazing resume. He was one of the first employees at Facebook and Mint. He started his own company, a software marketplace called App Sumo. It’s grown quickly and his leadership style is inspirational. I love how he talks about chaos and peace in business. It’s an ebb and flow we all go through.

He is back to being the CEO of the company and the insights he shares about his personal growth and leadership skills are super helpful for leaders at every level.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What was Noah like as a kid.
  • Why he liked money at a young age and how it spurred his entrepreneur journey.
  • The importance of noticing the luxury that we often take for granted.
  • Having fun things in your life to help make your inner child happy.
  • Why treating children with love and respect is important because it makes an impact in their lives.
  • His friends approach when he was being negative to himself to help reduce his negative inner voice.
  • Personifying your inner critic and how it helps him feel happier.
  • Not being judgmental of myself and other people.
  • Separating yourself from the experience.
  • How he practices being rejected and how it helps him.
  • Why people don’t get what they want out of life.
  • How chaos and peace affects his life.
  • The bigger thread behind our conversation.
  • What he does when he feels stuck.
  • The practice he does each morning.
  • Committing to what we want to change.
  • The difference between waypower and willpower.
  • Utilizing waypower to help you grow your life.
  • The importance of having accountability.
  • Two important leadership tips to implement in their lives.
  • Why not making decisions for the team helps them grow.
  • Coaching people is vital to getting the most out of your people.
  • How to reflect and make adjustments as you are learning.
  • Why he asks his employees if they can speak their mind.
  • Why he surrounds himself with motivated people.

You can learn more about Noah over at App Sumo. You can also connect with him on Twitter.

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