Omar Brownson

Being More Present in Your Life with Omar Brownson

Omar Brownson is an entrepreneur, podcaster, former city planner and gratitude fanatic. In this interview you’ll learn about how you can be more present and show up as your authentic self in your career and life.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why he paused to go inward to help him understand the direction of a big city project.
  • How he changed his career direction with a silent retreat.
  • How can you do great things in the world, but not be attached to the outcome.
  • Why meditation didn’t work well for him at first and how he adjusted his practice.
  • Becoming mindful instead of meditation.
  • The fundamental shift that occurred with his gratitude practice.
  • How he processes his anger
  • How we are raised determines a lot of the stories we tell ourselves.
  • Why his mom never heard “I love you”
  • How letting go has helped him make his heart bigger.
  • Creating a soft heart.
  • How his daughter showed him how he is growing as a father and human being.
  • Putting down his internal baggage.
  • How he would like to see our culture shift toward being more present so we have more compassion and empathy in our lives.
  • Relationship to ourselves and our planet.
  • The practice that works for you is the one to use.
  • How do we practice more in community to support each other.
  • How the pace of change only occurs as fast as we are able to change within ourselves.
  • Fierce gratitude helps us see what we take for granted.
  • How to deal with the discomfort of getting a regular paycheck.
  • How gratitude helps him deal with his fear.
  • How to swing for the fences.
  • Dealing with the stress of Covid.
  • Dealing with Zoom smile fatigue.
  • Omar’s favorite things.

You can learn about Omar over at his website Gratitude Blooming. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and see how he helps people bring more gratitude into their lives.

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