Better Decisions Faster

Get clear on your top priorities, develop SOPs, and leverage them to save time and money.

Professional makes 35,000 choices every single day. In 80 years that over 1,022,000,000 choices in a life time. The better you get at putting systems in place to help you make better decisions the more you will get out of your career and life.

A quality decision is one that is executed well because your choice is aligned with your purpose. We must have processes that help us remember to focus on the essential work that is making the biggest impact. We often fall back into bad habits and lose sight of our focus.

Hi, I’m Karl Staib. The creator of the Dig to Fly method and author of Bring Gratitude. I struggled for years with making quality decisions because I didn’t have a system in place. Once I developed routines that worked for my personality type that’s when my career took off.

I struggled with depression, money issues, being fired from a great job, Cancer, relationships, career. etc. If you are currently struggling thru something right now, I probably struggled at one time to overcome it as well. My main issue was that I didn’t prepare properly. I would launch into a project and just wing it as I would go. I didn’t have a framework to think through different kinds of decisions. I got decent results, but my results could have been so much better if I had a better systems in place.

Now I go through a checklist of questions before I start any major project. It’s this mental map that keeps my anxiety and stress manageable through each stage of a project. Making better decisions faster about developing your own systems that help you improve your mindset, but also prepare yourself for anything that comes your way.

Are you struggling with a major decision?

Do you want a co-pilot to help guide you through the stormy weather.

Your Co-pilot

Would you like someone who has been through the business trenches and knows how to go from chaos to clarity in less than 3 months?  Then we should set up a time to talk. You have to review your current process for making important decisions, eliminate what isn’t working and help you tackle whatever challenges that occur with your transition. When you can find gratitude in a challenge you are farther ahead than 90% of other people.

What mental shifts do you need to make to improve your career and life?

When you are ready to make a big change in your life it should always start with working on your mindset. I made the mistake of listening to the stories and limiting beliefs that played in my head as I tried to make the leap.

The best way to prepare for your next big change is to get your thoughts and emotions onboard, otherwise you won’t succeed. It’s starts with truly appreciating the challenge and all the possible nuances that will occur. That’s why I have all my clients start with a system that helps them get a deeper understanding of how they make decisions and figure out where there gaps are, so they can close them. When you practice certain mindset techniques you are rewiring your neural pathways, which builds the foundation you need to the next phase a success. You don’t want to start the next phase of your life and go crawling back to the one that caused you so much stress and tension

You could use someone to help you see your blind spots. As your co-pilot I’m there to make sure all the instruments are reading correctly and that the captain (That’s You!) of the aircraft isn’t going off course. It’s this mutual respect that they have for each other that saves lives. I help my clients create a plan that helps them soar above the turbulence.

I had one client who got a promotion at work and had no idea how to lead people. She was caring, kind and smart, but she didn’t know how to get the best out of her people. I’m going to share a secret. It starts with understanding yourself and building your self awareness, so you can make quality decisions. Then you focus on developing systems that fit your personality.

“I had sessions with other experts that felt unproductive because they merely revisited personal growth exercises I’d previously learned about in books. Karl focused instead on helping me identify the action steps around my short-term and long-term goals. As someone who thrives on organization and forward momentum, I appreciated working with someone who focuses on results.” Lori Lori Deschene of Tiny Buddha

Get Coaching

Before you fill out the form below ask yourself one question. Are you willing to dig deep and stop letting your limiting beliefs dictate your actions? If the answer is yes, then go ahead and fill out the form below.

“The best thing about working with Karl is the ease in which the conversation flows. It’s easy to bounce ideas off of him and get immediate feedback and he always keeps the conversation focused and on target. He plays a great devils advocate and forces you to question your actions/direction. Karl is compassionate, understanding and full of ideas he is willing to share. He helped unlock some hidden potential in my business and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for inspiration.” Ryan Smith of Chase Smith Photography

How We'll Work Together

My focus is to help you focus on the important things in your career that truly make an impact. It all starts with your mindset.

Here is the Dig to Fly coaching process:

  1. Understand your story and the thread that ties it all together. After our first session you’ll get your Spotlight Value and your first month’s Dig to Fly Question to help you on your career journey.
  2. Outline your vision for the next 2 years.
  3. Learn how to dig deep to method that will stop overthink, release tension and keep you moving forward.
  4. Create a flight plan to reduce mental turbulence and get to your destination ahead of schedule.

Once we create our foundation then we’ll have common ground. We’ll use this time to build trust and layout out how you process information. We’ll find out what are you main pain points are then the stories you tell yourself that encourage you and what stories hold you back.

We’ll have one-on-one working sessions together depending on your training package. At the start of each session we’ll set a goal then what ritual/action can we create to support this goal and a hypothesis of how this will improve your life. After 30 days we’ll review your progress and decide to keep the same goal and add a new one or just make a new one for the next 30 days.I’m available via email/text (your preference) check-ins. This will help us calibrate your progress and make any small tweaks to optimize it.

What People are Saying About Dig to Fly?

“I felt stuck and Karl helped me get clear on my next steps. The Dig to Fly method felt easy and comfortable. I would recommend it to anyone looking to find solutions to a particular problem they are having in their business.” Phil Gerbyshak

“Karl helped me see an easy remedy. His step by step process showed me the blessings of the situation and how it helps unravel the tension.” Lisa Cherney, Founder UnMentor(tm) & UnLaunch(tm), Host of Get F***ing Real Podcast

“After one session with Karl – he helped me crush thru things I have worked on in therapy for the past 20 years. His step-by-step process gets to your fundamental block and releases it in a matter of minutes. It was so simple – it seemed complicated. It was a complete mindset shift.” Jon Dwoskin of THINK Business podcast

“I wasn’t sure how Karl was going to help my speaking business, but in four short weeks I not only moved forward but had a plan and two speaking contracts with new clients.” Tess Marshall of The Bold Life

“The “Dig to Fly” strategy is a simple yet dynamic tool to self-investigate an issue you are struggling with… Karl is a fantastic guide and sage who graciously reflects & illuminates back key insights and takeaways. I am so grateful to learn this and apply it my life and work.” Michelle Holdt of The Art of Self Care

“Calm. Hopeful. And excited – because we came up with some creative things to do that felt interesting and had a whole different energy. I had another “situation” with them this morning but I was able to step back (after a few minutes) and regroup.” Cheryl Dolan MIT Sloan School of Management

“Karl helped me figure out exactly what I had to do to make my book happen.” Stacey Shipman of Engage the Room

“Karl was easy to talk to and cares about developing tools to help other people.” – Kevin Tijerina

More Reviews

“I am grateful that our paths have crossed and I think that you are doing spectacular important work, and it’s life-changing for people if they are willing to listen and take action from what you have to offer!  Knowing you and taking action on what you are teaching and sharing has definitely improved the quality of my life. God bless you!” Kelli C.

“Karl is collaborative, gentle, confident and I was able to confide in him. I was surprised at how quickly I told him about my problem, and then let him walk me through the prompts. I invested trust very quickly. I walked away with some actions to take; collaborative actions, which made me happy. ” – Judy Cotter

I have a plan! And it’s actionable! I realize where my stumbling block is, so now I’m working to fix/repair it.” Karen Williams