Build a Grateful Mindset

Get a deeper understanding of your thoughts and emotions to bring out your natural joy.

From my heart to yours.

I created this course because I wish there was something like this out in the world when my father was passing. I could have dealt with my thoughts and feelings instead of pushing them away.

These 6 lessons will change how you look at your life.

An investment in yourself. When you take the time to reflect and adjust your current mindset you’ll find ways to be happier, more productive, and resilient.

Is this course for you?

This course can help you if you are dealing with…

  • Career transition
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Confidence issues
  • Checklist mentality

We all struggle from time to time and that’s when we need a mindset reboot. This course shows you how to create little mindset practices to bring back the joy into your life, so you can be more resilient and happier.

6 Modules

Each week you’ll get a new video to challenge you to try new ideas. Each section helps you build upon your mindset, so you can bring more gratitude and joy into your life.

Lesson 01 Р Why Gratitude is Important (10 min)

Scientific studies have shown how important gratitude is to a healthy and happy life. This lesson covers these studies because once you understand why this is important to you then you will take the time to practice.

Lesson 02 –  Building Your More Joyful Mindset (12 min)

It starts with one day at a time. When you take the time to appreciate what you do have you start planting seeds that will help you create a resilient mindset that can overcome anything.

Lesson 03 –  Appreciate The Small Things – Surrounding Gratitude (16 min)

This lesson is all about appreciating the things around you. This is the first level, surrounding gratitude. The more you can appreciate the little things around you the easier it gets to dig a little deeper into the harder parts of this practice.

Lesson 04 –  Make Time to Appreciate People (21 min)

When you appreciate the people in your life and share this appreciation with them you will build stronger relationships. It’s not an easy practice, but the more you do it the easier it gets.

Lesson 05 –   Learn How to Appreciate Yourself (18 min)

This lesson could also be called, how to start loving yourself. When you appreciate who you are and what you’ve become you are building up confidence. This confidence creates self love and once you love yourself your ability to get knocked down and get back up will be a strength to help you succeed at almost anything.

Lesson 06 –   Your Spiritual Practice (20 min)

I struggled to connect with God for many years. I lost my spiritual practice and it wasn’t until I prayed to God when my father was passing that I really began to understand why I struggled. When I focused on being grateful for the opportunities that God helped create that I began to build my relationship back up with God.

You’ll learn how to build your resilience to any situation for only $39.

Raw and Uncut

I wanted to create a course that was from my heart to yours. I didn’t use a fancy studio, but I put over 10,000 hours into the content. I’ve been researching and studying gratitude and happiness for over ten years. I’ve coached hundreds of people through my site. All this knowledge I put into video and written form. My goal is to get you to start and maintain a gratitude practice because it will help you with your health, relationships, and your career. This will open your awareness to your thoughts, emotions and actions and how each one influences your ability to enjoy your life.

When you get the Build a Grateful Mindset course you’ll learn

  • How to utilize a gratitude practice to grow your mindset.
  • How to create a lasting habit so gratitude becomes your default mindset.
  • How to implement the ideas in these lessons into your life so you build the foundation that will help you create a more joyful life.

Time and Questions

The lessons were meant to be short and give you an action you can work on right away. It’s important that you understand how to use your gratitude practice to help you in a variety of situations. I’m here via email and Mindset First Club Group to help answer any of your questions. It will take practice, but I have faith that you’ll get a deeper level learning so you truly make improvements to your mindset and life.

What You’ll Get

6 videos that explain each process in depth and how to apply it to your life.

6 PDFs that accompany each lesson to help you deepen your knowledge.

6 emails that explain the core content of the lesson.

Video of Q&A to help you learn from other people’s questions.


Digital version of my book, Bring Gratitude. You can read it on your phone, tablet, or computer. We have all the Kindle, Apple, and PDF versions.