Do you love your work?

If you don't enjoy your work then it's time for a change. Learn how you can do work that lights you up inside!

Are you feeling exhausted at the end of the day? Are you procrastinating on your impact projects? Do you feel like you are missing out on career opportunities?

Many times we don’t understand what is really holding us back. Often it’s our mindset. We take our current mindset for granted and don’t make time to optimize our goals and habits. This is where I can help. We’ll dig deep and find out where we can create more leverage to save you time, reduce stress and grow your career.

Hi I’m Karl Staib! I struggled finding time to slow down and really understand what supporte my career growth or held me back. I kept bouncing around from project to project like a bee hops from flower to flower. I didn’t take time to calibrate my focus so I could make a bigger impact.

I remember when I moved to Texas and I got my first “full-time” job. It was in marketing for a small bank. It was only my director and I. The first year my energy was high and I did a great job. As time went on I lost my mojo. I didn’t understand what was going on. I lost focus easily and I stopped trying. I was eventually laid off after putting seven years of my life into the company.

You probably noticed your energy waning in your work. You wanted to do better work, but it just didn’t seem worth it. This is where busy bee syndrome gets worse. Instead of focusing on doing the important things well you probably try bouncing around trying to find other things to work on.

This happens to a lot of people. It has happened to me and I was tired of my lack of focus. I didn’t want to keep hopping around, trying to figure out my next career move. I foundered around for a couple years, started my own successful marketing agency and then went to work for a fortune 100 company. Now I train people to dig deep into their internal and external systems to help them reach their next level of success.

True Success Start from Within

You have the ability to take your career in any direction you want. You just need to dig down, understand what you really want then start to loosen those mental knots. Once those mental knots are loose you can start flying again.

I’ll help you understand your current systems and where you have leverage to make a bigger impact in your own career and the people that you lead.

“Karl helped me see an easy remedy. His step by step process showed me the blessings of the situation and how it helps unravel the tension.” Lisa Cherney, Founder UnMentor(tm) & UnLaunch(tm), Host of Get F***ing Real Podcast

Do Work You Love Evaluation Process

1. Deep dive questionnaire

You’ll get a customized questionnaire for the evaluation that you choose. The questionnaire typically takes my past clients between 15 – 45 minutes depending on your level of effort. The more effort you put into the questionnaire the more fruitful our session will become.

2. Dig to Fly Session

During our session we’ll talk about the themes that I saw and ask you questions to go a little deeper to see if we can uncover the career thread to help you find hidden opportunities. You’ll come away with your Spotlight Value to help you focus on growth and Dig to Fly Question to help focus you on what is important. 

3. Learn to Fly

Then the last part of this is creating a plan that works for you. There are many different ways to create a plan, but to do the work you love you have to work on building a business or career in ways that are tailored to your strengths. 

Are you ready to do work you love?

You can get a full systems reboot for $99. This intro price is available for a few months, so I would act quickly. This is a value of $999, but you are receiving the introductory offer to see the value of this work. You will see a return on your investment within 30 days or your money back. This is an introductory price to see the value of digging into your systems and understanding where you can leverage your time and energy.

Who is this for?

1. People with a side hustle and want to grow this business.

2. Small business owners who want to tear down their inner walls to get more aligned with their life’s work.

3. People who aren’t happy in their current career and are ready to make a change.

As busy people we are filled with ups and downs. The hope is that we have many more ups than downs, but this takes effort. When you are on the go it’s hard to slow down and make space for yourself. This hour and a half is the time to slow down and really understand what you want and how you will accomplish it, while enjoying your work.

You’ll get a system that has worked for many of my clients at a fraction of the cost. I’m doing this so I can help more people. I want people to understand the power of the Dig to Fly Method and how to make adjustments in their lives that make a hug impact.

What people are saying...

“Karl was easy to talk to and cares about developing tools to help other people.” – Kevin Tijerina

“Karl helped me figure out exactly what I had to do to make my book happen.” Stacey Shipman of Engage the Room

“After one session with Karl – he helped me crush thru things I have worked on in therapy for the past 20 years. His step-by-step process gets to your fundamental block and releases it in a matter of minutes. It was so simple – it seemed complicated. It was a complete mindset shift.” Jon Dwoskin of THINK Business podcast