Dig to Fly Combo Pack

You are in for some high performance mindset training. I’m excited for you because you don’t need to go to Tibet to train with a monk that only drinks yak milk and bread to attain peace of mind. You can start today by using the Dig to Fly Method. Below are two powerful tools that you can use to get a deeper understanding of yourself. I would suggest starting with the worksheet and a live Dig to Fly session so you can see how impactful this method can be.

You should be receiving the first email very soon that explains the method in a step by step process. If you have any questions please reach out. The last thing I want is for your struggles to continue. You don’t need to struggle any longer. In fact you can use your struggles as stepping stones and I think the Dig to Fly method will help you do just that.

Dig to Fly Worksheet

Dig to Fly Session with Michaela

Listen to Michaela Johnson’s (9 min.) struggle with a friend over political views. You’ll notice how the Dig to Fly session helped her see opportunities in the situation. It was a great session.