The Founder of the Dig to Fly Method

Hi, I’m Karl staib and I’m here to help professionals make better decisions faster. As the author of Bring Gratitude I’ve come to understand that we don’t appreciate ourselves enough. My goal is to help 10 million entrepreneurs create routines that dig into their expectations, power their careers and businesses and create better lives.

I struggled when my father passed away. My ability to enjoy the simple things and keep working toward my goals suffered. I could feel my old habits starting to creep back in. The complaining came back so easily. I challenged myself to dig deeper. I wanted to learn from this situation instead of letting it keep knocking me down. I journaled about my experience as my father was passing away. The challenge turned into a book. It brought the joy back into my life.

I want you to have a similar experience. I want you to challenge yourself to dig a little deeper into your struggles and use them as stepping stones.

Karl's Bio

Karl Staib is the founder of the Dig to Fly Method and author of Bring Gratitude. He trains people to use the Dig to Fly Method. They take action on their opportunities so they can fly free. He has been featured by Forbes, NPR and Zen Habits and has worked with great companies such as Philips Global, Southwest Research Institute and Pioneer Nation.

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Karl has the Speaking Chops

I have spoken to thousands of people all over the world. I’ve also spoken at fortune 500 companies about using your struggles and turning them into stepping stones.  My passion for improving the mindset has no bounds. If you bring me in for your event you’ll get someone that not only gives science based advice, but an engaging speaker who captivates his audience.

My main topics:

  • Dig to Fly Method
  • Digging into team struggles to uncover the opportunities
  • Building a resilient mindset so you can bounce back from failure.

When you dig deep that’s how you learn to help yourself and others fly. 

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Speaking About Gratitude


When you dig deeper to fly higher you get major benefits...

Restore your sleep cycles and help you rest better

Grow your friend circle & professional network

Reduce aches and pains in your physical body

Balance your mind for fewer negative emotions (like envy)

Bring out your kindness & compassion while reducing aggression

Feel better about yourself with invincible self-esteem

Strengthen your resilience and make you successful when you come up against trauma, heartbreak, setbacks, or frustrations.

Grab Your Shovel and Dig Deep to Fly High

  1. A simple, printable worksheet to guide you through your worst struggles.
  2. A recorded Dig to Fly session—hear exactly how the method works, step-by-step.
  3. A five-day email course that helps you do a deeper dive and understand what is holding you back from success.

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