Share Appreciation Challenge

Does your lack of appreciation hurt your relationships?

I struggled with making time to appreciate the people in my life from family members to co-workers. It wasn’t until I got consistent with my gratitude practice that I began to see a positive shift. I want to help you bring the joy back into your relationships with an appreciation practice.

You have an amazing opportunity over the next 30 days to focus on your relationships. When you put in just a little extra work, you’ll see a lot of growth. Over the next 30 days, you’ll be guided by me and our community throughout the challenge to help you make lasting improvements in your relationships.

It’s not about being perfect and writing down 10 handwritten notes every single day. I suggest people start with just writing down one thing you are grateful for about someone in their lives and doing this for a few days before you send out any messages. It’s about taking small steps to begin the practice. The more you try, the better you get at it.

When you join the free 30 Day Share Appreciation Challenge. You'll get:

  • Weekly email to help you get a deeper understanding of how to apply these ideas to your life.
  • Mid-week check-in email to see how you are progressing.
  • Facebook group for support and encouragement.
  • SOAR Method guide to help you improve your mindset, relax your body before bed, so you get a better night's sleep.

Hi, I'm Karl Staib. The author of Bring Gratitude and coach to people who want to build stronger relationships and a more resilient mindset.

When you are able to see the opportunity in any given situation then you'll find a way to succeed and enjoy yourself throughout the process. It's only success if you actually enjoy the journey.

When you dig deeper to fly higher you get major benefits...

Restore your sleep cycles and help you rest better

Grow your friend circle & professional network

Reduce aches and pains in your physical body

Balance your mind for fewer negative emotions (like envy)

Bring out your kindness & compassion while reducing aggression

Feel better about yourself with invincible self-esteem

Strengthen your resilience and make you successful when you come up against trauma, heartbreak, setbacks, or frustrations.

I'm Karl Staib the Founder of the Dig to Fly Method and Author of Bring Gratitude

A few years ago I noticed that I stopped writing and being creative. I was burned out. It's a terrible feeling. I didn't have the energy to do my work. I struggled to find motivation and my performance suffered.

I don't want you to struggle like I did. It starts with self care. You have to start by processing your thoughts and emotions so you can be your best self at work and at home.

I've struggle like everyone else. I've had relationship problems, laid off from a job, Cancer surgery and therapy, money issues, and mindset problems. I've studied gratitude, happiness and business for over 15 years now, speaking to thousands of people all over the world and the one thing that has helped me change from someone that struggled with feeling happy to someone that wakes up excited by what the day will bring is making the time to dig deep and process my thoughts and feelings each and every day.

In the Coaching challenge we'll dive deep into how you create a vision, peel back the armor that is holding you back so you can fly free in your career.

Writing this book changed my life. It's foundation of the Dig to Fly Method.