Build Better Employee Relationships


My focus is to help you focus on the important things in your career that truly make an impact. It starts with your mindset then we’ll create a flight plan for your success.

Here is the Dig to Fly coaching process:

  1. I’ll interview you, so you have a Leader Manual that you can give to your employees.
  2. Get your “Spotlight” value that helps you focus on what is important.
  3. Learn how to dig deep to method that will stop overthink, release tension and keep you moving forward.

Once we create our foundation then we’ll have common ground. We’ll use this time to build trust and layout out how you process information. We’ll find out what you are struggling with as a leader and begin to work on processes like a leadership manual to help build better employee relationships.

We’ll have two one-on-one working sessions together. You’ll walk away with your spotlight value that is guiding 80% of your decisions, a leader manual and a plan to build better relationships with your employees.

I’m available via email/text (your preference) check-ins. This will help us calibrate your progress and make any small tweaks to optimize it.