How to Help People Feel Less Alone with Jan Keck

Jan Keck is a brilliant facilitator who helps people build stronger relationships through vulnerability. Too often we are afraid of being vulnerable because of what people might think of us, but when we are vulnerable we can form deeper connections.

In this interview you’ll learn about Jan’s secrets to warming people up to having a real meaningful conversation. You’ll also learn about how to peak people’s interest when you are reaching out to someone and trying to build a relationship with them. He created an amazing series of cards that help people dive deeper in a group or just with a friend. 

Highlights from the interview:

0:59 – What Jan is grateful for.

2:24 – The moment that Jan realized when he realized he needed to improve how he connected with others.

5:54 – Feeling completely comfortable being himself.

6:43 – How it feels to have a deep connection with someone.

7:10 – We need to plant seeds to get to where we want to be with our mindsets.

9:35 – How his relationship with his parents has affected his relationships.

12:57 – The hidden parts of ourselves that can unlock when we have deep conversations.

14:04 – How he reengineered deep conversations at a camping trip into the business that he has today.

16:35 – Great questions lead to meaningful conversations.

18:06 – How to warm up a conversation before you go deep.

19:18 – What does “home” mean to him.

21:50 – How comfortable he is in his own mind and body.

25:36 – How freewriting helps him process his thoughts and emotions.

32:03 – Helping people feel open and honest during a conversation.

37:30 – Truth or dare as a kid.

39:01 – How to help people feel less alone.

44:50 – Creating deeper online connections in our socially restricted world.

48:39 – How to peak people’s interest when you are trying to start a conversation with them online.

55:25 – Understanding the person you are reaching out to and how busy they are will determine how you message someone you want to connect with.

58:16 – What is one thing you can do over the next seven days to build better connections with people.

You can learn more about Jan Keck and his cards that help you ask deeper questions. You can also find out more about him on his Instagram account.

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