How to Deal with Perfectionism with Dustin Main

Dustin Main is a fascinating entrepreneur. He started a technology business in Canada and after four years he was burned out. He decided to pull himself out as the leader of his business and go travel. He stayed in touch with his employees, but they ran the show. As he travelled he started meeting amazing people and wanted other people to have similar experiences and created his own travel touring company.

We dig into what Dustin was like as a kid and how it’s led him to so many fascinating adventures. How he has built his companies and how he has let a company go because it wasn’t meeting his expectations.

Here are the highlights with my conversation with Dustin:

0:39 – What is Dustin grateful for.

1:25 – What was he like as a kid and how it brought him to create his business.

6:10 – Collecting baseball cards.

7:22 – How Dustin transitioned his out of his business to travel around the world.

10:33 – Demand for helping people see places that are different from the norm.

11:45 – How he overcame a difficult struggle in his business.

16:05 – The little stories we tell ourselves when we are around other people.

17:55 – How we avoid interactions because of the stories we tell ourselves.

20:51 – Understanding how the little things can throw us off kilter.

21:35 – Use this word in place of fear to help you calm your nerves.

22:44 – The fear that occurs when we are being creative.

25:20 – Why struggle helps us be happier as we get older.

28:19 – How to let go of things that aren’t a good fit in our lives.

37:02 – How to deal with perfectionism.

43:01 – Putting stuff out in the world even when it’s not perfect.

47:40 – We forget how to deal with things that don’t come easy to us.

48:39 – Practicing being patient with ourselves.

51:11 – How we judge our effort in a negative way.

54:31 – How to be more you.

You can learn more about Dustin Main over at his website. He also has a book coming out soon. You can learn more about that on his website as well.

And as always if you have any questions or want to submit a guest for the podcast that you think would be amazing just reach out and I’ll do my best to get them on.