Bobby Hedglin-Taylor

Fail at It to Fix It with Bobby Hedglin-Taylor

Bobby Hedglin-Taylor

Bobby Hedglin-Taylor is a renowned trapesist, author, and broadway stunt designer. In this interview Bobby talks about how he used writing to help process his mother’s death. You’ll also learn how he has struggled with money and what he has done to right his financial ship. He believes you have to fail at it to fix it.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What movie character Bobby most identifies with.
  • Why the pandemic has spurred a complete reorganization of his life.
  • How he makes pivots in his career.
  • Dealing with hip surgery because of his profession of being an aerial acrobat.
  • The importance of developing daily routines to help you deal with life and career.
  • Why he realized that he wasn’t being the full human that he could be.
  • What he did to get through the struggle of his mom’s death.
  • Why he wrote a book about some of the crazy stuff his mom would say as she struggled with dementia.
  • How he dealt with money issues because he lived an artist’s life.
  • What he is currently doing with the money he makes.
  • The great part about starting a side hustle.
  • Building things that you are passionate about into your schedule, so you actually do them.
  • How he writes while he works full-time.
  • Building in little pockets to check in with where he is at with his projects.
  • What his greatest struggle is right now.
  • The power of mind-mapping out your project plans.
  • How to stay focused on your essential work.
  • Finding people who can support your passion project.
  • Getting feedback from people who can build you up instead of tear you down.
  • Favorite book, podcast, speaker and essential tool they use to stay focused on their important projects.

You can learn about Bobby’s aerial design work over at his website. You can also check out his book #Sh*tmymamasays (Amazon Link).

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