sunrise with plant

Spiritual Gratitude Practice

It’s been a hard month. My goal is to have ten million people to start a gratitude practice for at least a year because it will change how they view life. I’m about 9,996,500 people shy of my goal. I’ve helped thousands of people, but I want to help a lot more. I’ve been reaching …

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Spreading Ashes

With my wife, my mom, and my brother, I headed into the woods behind my childhood home. We were there to spread my father’s ashes. My father’s death changed me. I lost a best friend and my number one supporter. He believed I could be a great writer when everyone else rolled their eyes at …

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My stomach gurgled after dinner. I felt a bit queasy, but I didn’t feel like throwing up. I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt like I needed a quick fix. I didn’t feel like eating, lying down, or doing something active. I’ve dealt with stomach issues all my life. A few years ago, I …

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