Team Building

Getting Someone to Care

How does anyone (Supervisor, CEO, Manager, Co-worker) get an unmotivated person to care about their work?   The best way to do this is to take them through a story that will catch and keep their attention and make them think of it again and again. It's why we care about the companies that we …

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Opening Social Networks Within a Company

Creating social networks within your organization will improve communication. You’ll be encouraging a “village community” atmosphere instead of cliques (separate groups) who only visit each other when they need something.   Your company can try implementing a social friendship plan. You can do this by rotating various departments to help each other work on tasks …

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Throw a Mini Party

We are meant to celebrate. It's a given right that many companies don't use to their advantage. Every company that I've worked for has implemented some kind of celebration in its culture, but they were usually far and few in between. One company celebrated every quarter. Another company sporadically did it maybe six times a …

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