Why Fish Philosophy Works

Pikes Place, a fish market in Seattle, is known for its fun style of business. They toss fish around as if they were footballs. They have a sign that says, “Caution: Low Flying Fish.” Any business that has a sign about low flying product must be having fun. The employees love working there because they …

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Does Your Mission Inspire?

  Google’s motto is “Do no Evil.” They probably decided on this because of all the back stabbing and money grabbing in today’s corporate environment. They wanted to send a statement out to the public that they are there to help them connect with the information they need, but they aren’t going to do it …

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Getting Someone to Care

How does anyone (Supervisor, CEO, Manager, Co-worker) get an unmotivated person to care about their work?   The best way to do this is to take them through a story that will catch and keep their attention and make them think of it again and again. It's why we care about the companies that we …

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