Knowing Yourself

Dig to Fly with Vicky Hsu

Restorative Habits with Vicky Hsu

Vicky Hsu is the founder of Habitica. A company that focuses on helping people gamify their habits to make lasting change. In this interview we deep dive into Vicky’s mindset and what she has learned about building good habits. Highlights from the interview: How she got into the habits arena. Habit RPG. What she was …

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Sarah E. Brown

Motivational Needs with Sarah Brown

Dr. Sarah Brown is a corporate coach and trainer who focuses on helping women executives become more successful and enjoy themselves as they build their career. In this interview you’ll learn the tools to become more successful and happier in your career. Highlights from the interview: Why her nine-year-old self would be impressed with who …

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Find Your Power Patterns

You may love crafting, investing, teaching, NFTs, Pokemon cards, etc. Whatever you love you can make a living at it. It starts with your vision, so you have a clear purpose. Then it’s just about the energy, confidence and the willingness to fail, learn and adjust to make it happen. You can do this by …

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