Knowing Yourself

Your Big Dream for This Year

So, we’ve reached February. We are 1/12th of the way through the year and I’m curious to know how you are progressing. You probably had grand ideas dancing in your head at New Year’s. You could see how great the upcoming year was going to be. These ideas brought you optimism and happiness. This year …

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Struggling at Work

  Changes at work can be a difficult adjustment. I’m going through some changes right now and I wanted to share my thoughts through video.

Surviving Layoffs

A rough economy has a backlash in all directions. Companies are looking to keep their investors happy. If they’re not selling products they’ll be looking to trim the fat. You may not think you are part of the fat, but the higher ups might not see it the same way. It’s up to you to …

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Mind Training Matters

I found an excellent talk from the website TED. Matthieu Ricard is a monk who emphasizes the importance of developing emotional intelligence. He presents the idea that we can train the mind so it handles situations in the way that we want to. Some of these monks have such intense control that when a bomb …

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