Finding Your Passion

My Work Happiness Journey

While my work happiness journey will never end, I understand this and I’m ok with it. I realize that I’m just beginning to have fun with work, networking, and everything that goes along with a career. I began my journey over 12 years ago, but I won’t bore you with all that detail. I’ll take …

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An Itch You Can't Scratch

(Click here to view video at Work Happy Now) We all have itches we can't scratch. The question is...How do you deal with it? This video post discusses how to deal with your itch and figure out a way to indirectly scratch it, so you feel satisfied and ready to scratch that itch when the …

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Work Worth Doing

Once again the great lady, Gretchen Rubin, over at the Happiness Project gave me a post idea. She was talking to Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and the Justice gave her some advice on happiness that I couldn't agree more with. “I can tell you what I believe is the secret to a happy life,” she said. “What’s …

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The Work Buzz

(email subscribers: click here to go to Work Happy Now to view the video) We are working in the right direction when we get those body tingles. You know what I'm talking about - those natural chemicals that shoot through your body saying, "Yeah, that's how you do it."

Unleash Your Creative Beast

(If you have trouble viewing this video click here and watch it at Work Happy Now) Watch the mistakes you make, find a creative solution and let the fun come. That's work happiness at its best. 

You Are Awesome

(If you have trouble viewing this video click here and watch it at Work Happy Now) You have every right to be awesome. No scratch that, you are awesome. You just need to give that part of yourself a big hug and let it all out for the world to see and learn to love. …

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