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Break Out of Your Shell with Rochelle Moulton

Rochelle Moulton is the author of Authority Code and the founder of a business that turns consultants into authorities in their industry. In this interview you’ll learn about how she focused on the essential tasks/projects to do work you love and get great results in your business.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What she was like as a nine year old and how it has influenced her today.
  • Why she hated her job after loving it and what she did to improve her situation.
  • What wasn’t working for her.
  • Why living a purposeful life was so important to her.
  • How to build the mental muscle so you can do things you love.
  • Finding the balance between taking on clients you love vs taking them on for the money.
  • How to say no to opportunities that don’t align with your values.
  • Finding your genius zone so you can grow your career.
  • How she helps people by teaching people in groups.
  • Why she struggled with understanding what she had to say.
  • How to get comfortable with your voice.
  • How to get comfortable with marketing yourself.
  • How she describes her inner voice.
  • The importance of listening first.
  • Knowing when to listen and when to speak up.
  • How to break out of your shell.
  • How many self help books she read to help her develop her foundation.
  • When to listen to feedback and when not to.
  • Authority is about building on your strengths.
  • Why she meditates every single day.
  • How to make positive change in your life.
  • The things she is passionate about in her business.
  • How she found an amazing podcast partner on social media.
  • Her favorite book, podcast, speaker and tool she uses.

You can learn about Rochelle over at her website Rochelle Moulton. You can also check out her book Authority Code (Amazon link). You can also connect with her on LinkedIn as well.

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